How Dividend-Paying Stocks Lie To You

Nick Burgess
8 min readJan 24, 2022

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Dividends — The Ultimate Form of Passive Income

Dividends are a passive income dream. Think of all the ways you’ve been told you can make passive income: you can start a blog (sup), you can start your own company or buy an existing one and build it to the point where you no longer need to be involved in the day-to-day. You could sell an online product or start drop-shipping, but none of these are truly “passive.” They require a hell of a lot of start-up effort; a “push” to get the flywheel spinning. Once that wheel spins faster and faster, it no longer needs you to put the same amount of effort in, which is where the passiveness begins to kick in.

Dividends are typically the passive income goal, because they’re truly passive. You can buy a stock or an ETF that pays a dividend yield and then…do nothing. You don’t have to attend shareholder meetings or submit votes or even take to Twitter to be really fucking annoying about owning the stock; you can just sit back, relax and let the money roll in.

Today, I’m going to cover the five highest dividend yielding stocks in the world, as well as what they do to be able to payout these princely sums to shareholders. Make sure to stick around until the very end, because I’ll let you know the best strategy to owning these stocks and living on those sweet, sweet dividends. But let’s start with Number 5:

5. Star Bulk Carriers — 23.38% Dividend Yield

Star Bulk Carriers (SBLK) is a Greek shipping company that specializes in the transport of dry goods like iron ore, fertilizer, coal and grain. The company has been around since 2006, but their dividend just started in Q4 of 2019 and then they took a 15 month break between February 2020 and May 2021, so it doesn’t give us much of a track record to look at.

The company has accelerated their dividend since they restarted payments in mid-2021, with their yield more than doubling every subsequent quarter. The company is now…

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