How To Score With Credit Card Retention Bonuses

Nick Burgess
7 min readJun 14, 2022

The Newest Credit Card Fad — Retention Bonuses

If you’re as much of a credit card nerd as me, then you’ve probably noticed an interesting new trend in the credit card game: the art of the retention bonus.

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As credit card churning gets more and more popular, with YouTube channels like Trek Trendy, Sam Chui and Nonstop Dan glorifying the first-class lifestyle you can achieve with credit card points, members of different credit cards are trying to squeeze every last point out of their ever increasing annual fees. So today, let’s chat about what a retention bonus is, the different types of retention bonuses and how you can get one for yourself.

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What Are Retention Bonuses?

A retention bonus is a one-time reward issued to you by a credit card company in exchange for keeping your account open. These can take the form of statement credits, cash back or additional rewards points credited to your account.

In order to achieve a retention bonus on your credit card, you’ll have to enter into an agreement with the credit card company. If you violate that agreement, you could be subject to getting your retention bonus revoked. These agreements generally come in two forms:

  1. Reaching a set amount of spend in a specific time frame, or
  2. Keeping your card open for a certain timeframe (i.e not cancelling your account)

If you do manage to hit these retention agreements and get the bonus, however, these can be quite lucrative.

Retention Bonus Examples

Like I mentioned earlier, news of people receiving significant retention bonuses are beginning to flood the internet, so there are a ton of examples around of people getting PAID for just keeping their cards open, or spending “nominal” amounts of money:



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