The Secret Credit Card Offer That Lets Me Travel for Free

Nick Burgess
10 min readAug 25, 2022

As I’ve mentioned previously on this site, the world of “travel hacking” has exploded. Since the points and miles game was popularized in the early 2010’s with blog’s like “The Points Guy,” to the explosion of YouTube channels dedicated to luxury travel (shoutout to Trek Trendy and Nonstop Dan), aspirational travel has been the name of the game for going on a decade now.

a man sitting in the emirates first class suite
Courtesy of Emirates

From the luxury of Emirates first class suites to elegant hotels in far-flung locations like The Maldives, travelers are getting increasingly savvy about how to best leverage their everyday spending into trips of a lifetime.

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Well, my family is no different. After two years of being largely shut into our homes, it was time to go abroad. To do that, we wanted to seek out the best way to maximize our spending, and our value, in order to spend as little of “our own money” as possible. Here’s exactly how we did it.

Picking a Credit Card for Free Travel

For this trip, I did some digging on a card that would allow us to leverage the maximum amount of points, as well as perks, for a blowout travel session. After scanning through the myriad options out there, we needed a card that satisfied a few…



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