Travel-Hacking Disney Parks With Credit Cards, Points and Miles

Nick Burgess
13 min readJun 13, 2023

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Travel-Hacking Disney World with Credit Cards, Points and Miles

Every January 1, my house looks something like this: my wife and I struggle to wake up from our champagne-induced hangovers as the dog threatens to shit on my carpet. I roll out of bed, take the dog for a walk and wish for death until my coffee kicks in, while my wife wakes up to the various nonsense noises coming from her TikTok account. Inevitably, she falls into a Mickey Mouse-shaped TikTok hole, which then prompts her to move to the television where she loads up YouTube and tunes into hours of watching Mammoth Club or AllEars.Net deep dives into Disney World. This turns into her missing Disney, wanting to go to Disney, and then begins the slow drumbeat of my wallet offering itself on the altar of Iger to shell out $3,000 for a trip to Satan’s own personal hellhole — Orlando, FL.

So this begs the question: Can you travel-hack Disney with credit cards, points and miles? Let’s chat about a few of the ways you can do it, including with cards from American Express to Citi to Capital One, as well as how to make the hotel costs a little more palatable.

If you’re really particular about one thing or another, there are plenty of ways to break up these travel hacks. Here are the quick links if you want to jump around (but you might learn something in each section!):

Booking Flights to Disney

Let’s start with the easiest one: booking flights. Thanks to Disney World (and Universal Studios if you ask anyone from NBC Universal or someone with a Harry Potter fetish), Orlando has a big fucking airport. That means that it’s really easy to get flights into, and out of, Orlando, regardless of your preferred carrier.

Another phenomenal free ticket perk comes with the Southwest Airlines Credit Card. In fact, fellow finance blogger Money With Katie recently chatted about how her and her husband have basically flown Southwest for free for the last two years thanks to both of them…



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